DeeJay’s How-To: St. Patty’s Day

St. Patrick’s day is almost here! Want to really WOW your crowd this weekend? Irish or not, these drinks will have your friends green with envy! Want to know the best part? These drink recipes are super fast and easy to make.

What’s better than an ice cold beer? A GREEN ice cold beer served in one of our pilsner glasses.

* (1) Beer – preferably a light beer, the green shows up better.
* (1) Glass pilsner glass
* (1-2) Drops of green food coloring. – Try to use the liquid coloring, it dissolves much easier.

Pour 1 or 2 drops of green food coloring into the bottom of the pilsner glass. Slowly pour your beer on top. ENJOY!

Wow the non-alcoholic drinkers in your crowd with this fun, fizzy, green drink. This look is created by using our Irish Coffee Mugs.

* (1) Irish Coffee Mug
* 6oz. ginger ale
* lemons or limes
* (1-2) drops of green food coloring
* Green colored sugar

Dampen the rim of your Irish Coffee Mug with the lemon or lime slice. Rim your glass with the green colored sugar. Drop 1-2 drops of the green food coloring into the bottom of the glass. Pour your ginger ale into the Irish coffee mug and enjoy!

We have other items you may need for your event too.

*Coolers and chafer dishes
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*Games for kids AND adults
*And much more!

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